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Friendly to the Environment

It’s that time of year again, SPRING.  Time to compost.  My thoughts on recycling and the health of our environment came about a bit at a time.  I used to recycle paper but only at work, because of the convenience.  I believe I started recycling shopping bags next, again, because of the convenience of being able to take them to the store with me. 

Then last year we took our 3rd grade classes on a field trip to ‘the Dump.’  I liked saying it, I thought it was hysterical.  Who takes their kids to the DUMP on a field trip?  I was shocked to learn that ‘dumps’ don’t exist anymore.  They are landfills.  The people who operate them are college educated professionals who strive to provide a place to store our waste in a safe manner. I believe my AHA moment was when we drove the school bus on a mini mountain of what was formerly trash, packed down.  The ‘mountain’ extended for great distances and all I could think about was:  some of this is my trash! 

Another part of the field trip was the recycling center.  The ability to save the landfills from piling up quickly was something that was so doable.  I was hooked, sold, and Forever Changed. 

I was fortunate to be able to be in the process of a remodel.  I had an indoor recycle center built into my kitchen.  It’s used for household cardboard, cans, magazines, and plastic bags.

Out in the garage I have another set of containers that we use for glass and plastics.  We also have a box for Big Cardboard-shoe boxes, mailing boxes, large packages.  The cool stacking ones?  We got at our local Lowe’s or Home Depot.  I think they were about $10.

Then we have a two level composter.  THIS?  Is Compost Level Number 1-quick digester of the ends of cucumbers, apple/pear cores, ribs of red/yellow/orange and green peppers, the rough end of asparagus, and any food item that might fall on the floor. 

Compost Level Number 2 is your standard composter.  It needs to be turned manually and last year, I only used it through the spring and summer.  I hope to be inspired to use it for a longer length of time. Why did I quit?  Mud, rain, heat, and a myriad of other Poor Excuses.  The rich black soil that is produced is unbelieveable.  I don’t understand much about dirt, but I know this one looks beautiful.  I’ve read a bit more since last summer and I now understand that I can produce quicker results by turning it more often.

Wanna hear something SICK?  I get great joy out of the size of our street trash.  We rarely have a full can, and we never have more than a can full.  I love that we are doing OUR part. 

Is it easy?  Nope.  Our fare little city doesn’t have street side recycling so we have to tote our own, but it’s a small price to pay. 

Well, and so what’s next for us?  Growing our own veggies.  I am currently in the process of studying.  I pretty much stink at growing things.  I kill most everything I’ve ever tried to grow, with the exception of my two children and two dogs.  So it promises to be quite an adventure. 

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